Want More High Ticket Sales??? Stop Hiding!

submit button

My good friend and amazing life coach, Amy Pearson, pointed out to me recently that my message to clients who are trying to sell high ticket programs is basically “Stop Hiding Behind Your Submit Button!”

I thought this was brilliant, so with her permission, I used this phrase in my blog here to drive home a point that I think is critical to your success as someone who wants to sell more HIGH TICKET programs.

Here’s the deal. Many of you want to build online businesses, and run virtual programs, and I think that’s great. I run plenty of those myself, but here’s what I’ve found…

In order to get prospects to invest HIGHLY in one of your programs (meaning an investment of $2000 or more), we MUST speak to them one on one, or speak in front of a live audience.


That’s right. As comfortable as it is for us to build these fancy sales pages, squeeze pages, and send emails asking for sales, it is just NOT the way to close high ticket sales. We actually need to TALK to people.

I learned this the hard way when trying to launch online program after online program and watching my numbers disappointment every single time.

I was 100% committed to launching this online course, and then I started asking myself WHY I wanted it so badly?

I realized that one of the reasons doing an online launch was more appealing is because I wouldn’t have to hear the word “NO!”, nor would I have to hear some of my other favorite objections when I ask someone to make a $2000, $5000 or even $10,000 investment in themselves to work with me.


In addition to just “NO”, here are some of the others you can expect to hear when you are getting out there and making BIG BOLD offers:

“You’re crazy, Sean”

“Are you freakin’ kidding me?”

“Holy S*#t”

See, this is all part of the process.

Read my earlier blog about Lowering Your Conversion Rate so you actually hear “NO” more often.

There’s no way around it gang. In order to make high ticket sales, and really reap the benefits of such a business, we need to get uncomfortable, and understand that often 7 or 8 out of 10 people will say NO to our offer. That’s right. 70-80% will say NO!

So while I am in full support of launching your programs online, my advice to you is that unless you have an e-mail list of say 2000 or more, you need to be speaking to people directly on the phone or or make an offer live from the stage. It’s going to be very difficult to get your income to grow rapidly without being willing to hear the rejection, face the feelings, and learn from them.

Sorry. No shortcuts here.

Don’t hide behind your submit button. Get out there. Talk to real people. Feel the fear and proceed anyway!

Thanks for reading. Comments welcome below.

By the way, to check out my friend Amy Pearson’s work, check out her business “Live Brazen”. She is a total expert in helping folks overcome their addiction to approval so they can take action on the things I’m suggesting here. Amy rocks!

Stop Using This Word in Your Business!



One of the most common things I hear when someone is struggling in their business is a sentence that starts with the word “People”

Oh…I’m sure you’ve said things like:

“People just don’t want to pay the prices I’m charging anymore”

“People just aren’t spending like they used to”

“People just don’t want to buy something like that”

These are just a few examples that I’ve heard most often (and have even said them myself)

Here’s the problem with each of those statements; THEY ARE ALL UNTRUE

Usually we say these things because one or two people said no to our offer, or we’ve had a rough day of sales or even a rough month.

Perhaps they would be true if you inserted a qualifying word like “Some” in front of the sentences. As they stand right now, they are generalizations only, and generalizations can be the DEATH of your business.

If it were true that all people weren’t spending like they used to, how is it possible that some businesses are making more now than they have before? How is it possible that I was able to build a 6 figure business from scratch during the height of the worst recession in 70 years? How is it possible that first class cabins on airplanes are full every time I travel, and how is it possible that places like the Ritz Carlton seem to still manage to get $500-800 per night for a hotel room?

The TRUTH is that there are ALWAYS people out there who are willing to pay what you’re asking, spend like you want them to, or buy what you have. 

You just need to work a little harder (ok a LOT harder) to get to them and attract them in your business. Once they are there however, they will pay you whatever you ask as long as you are offering to solve a problem that is important enough for them to invest their money at that level.

The reason first class cabins are full is because the right people or companies are willing to use the miles or spend the money to fly in first class because of the problem it solves. (Lack of sleep on a plane, quieter cabin for doing work, more relaxed when you reach your destination) – those are worth something.

Trust me when I tell you that the people sitting up there are not there on free upgrades most of the time. In fact, I am a premier status member on several airlines, and I can’t remember the last time I got a free upgrade to first class. No, those folks are paying for those seats, or cashing in valuable miles to fly first class!

Think of your business now. What is it that you offer that is a MUST? What would the right person pay to get that “must” item or service? Hmmm…kinda changes the game doesn’t it?

I hope so.

Comments welcome below as always.

Thanks for reading.


Lessons from a Super Storm

evacuation route 

I’m going on day 12 of living in hotels after Superstorm Sandy came to visit New York City last week. 

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate that the only thing I lost was some time, and some sleep. Our apartment building was severely damaged, but it will be repaired, and we will be allowed to return very soon. Other New Yorkers were not so fortunate, and will have to start over from scratch. 

Having said that, it’s been a little tougher than usual to keep business moving forward the way I like it. I am obsessive about making sure my business is ALWAYS moving forward. When I’m standing still, I literally go nuts on the inside!

However, after about 8 days of fighting and uphill battle, I decided that I needed to chill out. I needed to just allow things to unfold at the pace that the Universe decides. With limited internet and power, no “home base” and feeling like my life is decided by the battery level of my cell phone, it’s OK to not try to push through the brick wall that was Hurricane Sandy. 

She came, and she won (for now). I need to be ok with that. By me pushing through and beating myself up for not keeping my deadlines, and not growing my revenue at the pace I want, I have a chance to regroup, learn from this experience, and focus on my gratitude for what’s really important in life.

Sure, business is starting to resume to normal operations, but it will go a lot smoother if I just allow things to unfold for a change. This is a tough pill to swallow for me. I’m such a believer that I can control my own destiny. What I learned this past week is that while that is still true, I CAN’T control many of the circumstances that dictate the speed at which I fulfill that destiny. 

If you or your loved ones were impacted in any way by this storm, I hope things return to normal for you and for them as soon as possible. You’re all in my thoughts and prayers.

More Heat…and A Trip to Brooklyn

                                             brooklyn bridge

This past weekend, I was up at 5am again and heading to Brooklyn this time for a 9 mile run with Team For Kids. We headed across the Brookyln Bridge, into Manhattan, and then back across the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn, before repeating the same course for a total of 9 miles.

This particular morning was a bit different than most, as it was already 85 degrees before our run started at 7am. Crazy hot. It was the kind of heat where you sweat just getting from the subway car to the top of the stairs. The forecast called for a high of 100 degrees and a heat index of between 105 and 110.

The first 4.5 mile loop was no problem. Sure, it was warm, but I didn’t notice it being all that bad. Then, the second loop hit me like a smack in the face.

My running mentor, Jessica, and I headed back across the Brooklyn Bridge, and the thermostat on the Watchtower read 91 degrees this time. It was not even 8:45am yet!

Te reason this loop was so hard was the sun. By now the sun was fully overhead, and as beautiful as the Brooklyn Bridge is, one of the things I noticed was there is NO shade to be found anywhere.

By the time we got back into Manhattan, I was hurting pretty bad. Jessica was talking with me about running tips, and making sure I was hydrating. Honestly, if she wasn’t there with me, I think I would have stopped. She helped me one step at a time (literally), and we gradually finished our 9 miler back in Downtown Brooklyn, as the thermostat read 94 degrees

My takeaways from this long, HOT run:

1. Just like in life, when you think the heat is on you, sometimes it hasn’t even STARTED to get hot yet!

2. When those CRAZY hot moments hot in life, it’s very important to have a mentor or someone you trust (or love) to help you navigate unharmed.

3. When you know it’s going to be really hot, it pays to plan ahead and start early. If I know something extremely difficult is coming in business or in life, I can help make it a lot less painful by planning ahead, and making sure I have a solid approach to get through it safely.

Next installment… HILLS, HILLS and MORE HILLS!!

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Running in the Heat (Literally and Figuratively)

                            Running Legs and Shoes

Week 4 of the ING New York City Marathon training is well underway, and I am excited to share my experiences and lessons along the way, here on my regular business blog. I am fundraising for an amazing charity, Team For Kids, and I certainly appreciate any fundraising support you can provide.

I chose to share on this blog, because I feel there are so many lessons we can apply to our businesses and our lives, and so whether you are a runner or not, I hope you can learn something from my journey.

Last night, I got to experience my first “hot weather run”. The temperature at the start time was 93 degrees and I knew it was going to be a hot one when I was sweating bullets just from walking to Central Park from the subway stop.

After a short warm up and stretch routine, we headed out for our 4 mile training run with Team For Kids and the amazing coaches and mentors. 

I must admit, it wasn’t that bad at all. Don’t get me wrong, it was HOT, and I was dripping with sweat for the entire run, but I realized around mile 2 that I was feeling great, and that I had prepared well for the run by doing some important things earlier in the day.

It then occurred to me, as it does so often, that this run, like so many others, had lessons that applied to life, and business. Ok…who am I kidding, these lessons are the biggest reasons why I run in the first place.

Here’s what I learned from last nights HOT run:

1. The weather isn’t always going to be perfect…You have to learn to DEAL WITH IT! 

Ok, it’s HOT. So what? Does this mean we don’t have to show up to work? Probably not. Does this mean business just shuts down? Nope. Does this give us the right to complain and moan about how bad the weather is? HELL NO! Does it mean I shouldn’t run? Nope…what if it’s 95 degrees on the day of the race. I’d rather learn how to run in it than just quit before trying.

Get over it! We live in a place that gets hot sometimes. Adapt, adjust, and move on. 

The same applies when something in our life or in our business isn’t perfect. We can bitch and moan, or we can adapt and MOVE ON.

2. Proper preparation makes all the difference!

I drank about 120 ounces of water during the day BEFORE the run yesterday, and made sure to eat foods that would enable my body to perform like I wanted it to. I have no doubt this is why I was able to sweat so much, and why my body was able to cool itself the way it was designed to do on days like this. 

What about if I had a big client meeting or presentation. What if I treated each opportunity like that, the same way I treated this run? Most days I do, but I started thinking about where I could improve. What is my 120 ounces of water that will help me perform better in those areas? What are yours?

3. Put ego aside

The coaches kept yelling at me for the first mile: “TAKE IT EASY…NICE AND EASY”. 

My instincts were to immediately bust it out of the gate and try to set a new speed record or something. I was feeling fine at the time, but they knew that if I kept up that pace, I would pass out by mile 3. I had to learn to be OK with taking it easy, and listening to the professionals.

This, too, got me thinking. My ego is an asset sometimes. It can help me have confidence, and present myself as an authority on a topic or negotiate well when needed.

But it can also cost me dearly and be a liability. I need to know when it’s time to just put my ego aside, admit that I don’t know what’s best, and allow myself to just follow instructions. I followed instructions last night, and I had a great time as a result.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll continue to follow me on my journey, and consider supporting my charity by CLICKING HERE.

Make it an awesome day!

Own Your Inner “Voice”

 We all have it.

That “voice” in our head that talks to us. Some might call it instinct or intuition. I call it the voice.

Sometimes this voice will empower us, but often it can sabotage us, and tell us we aren’t qualified, or we should quit. You can dismiss it and say it’s not important, but I disagree.

This voice can actually have a substantial influence on our decisions, and as those decisions, no matter how small, can shape our destiny, as Anthony Robbins often says. 

In this video, I share some tips for owning and mastering this inner voice. Once you are aware of it, you have the power to change it and to use it to your benefit. 

Make it an awesome day!

Get Off Your Ass and Get to Work.

Get Off Your Ass and Get to Work.

 What Does This Mean To You?

It Means:

  • No more procrastination
  • Taking life by storm
  • Waking up each day with passion and excitement
  • Increased personal performance
  • Taking full ownership of your job and your life

"Get Off Your Ass" is a mindset. It means YOU are responsible for creating your own success.

Entrepreneurs that have a Get Off Your Ass mindset destroy their competition. When they get stuck, they take action. They accept responsibility for creating the result, and move forward because it's a MUST. They use fear to pull them forward, not push them back. They set actionable goals, and reach them consistently.

Managers that have a Get Off Your Ass team are extremely productive, and fun to work for. They expect results, but their employees are committed to doing whatever it takes and giving more, because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to.

Sound interesting? Contact Sean now to find out how he can help you create this in your life or business.

Sharing Gratitude for 2011

Happy New Year 2012..

This was truly an amazing year. 

Actually, I said the same thing last year, and the year before that. Once I learned the profound impact of having an "attitude of gratitude", I really make a strong effort to always look for the things that I'm grateful for.

While this past year was filled with lots of incredible things. 2011, like every year before it, had its share of challenges for me as I'm sure it did for you. The blessing for me is that today I can look back at those challenges and be grateful that they happened, even though at the time I may not have felt that way. 

In particular, this year I am most grateful for the things I learned about myself. I learned more about what fits me. I learned more about my passions. I discovered my inner athletic potential. I learned more about the kind of people that I want to surround myself with. I learned more about what makes me laugh, and what makes me cry. This knowledge is priceless.

 I made many mistakes, that taught me a lot. I made a lot of right decisions, that led to some great opportunities, and most importantly of all, I was able to help more people this year than ever before, and that makes me happy. 

As we roll into 2012, I have set lofty goals for myself. Have you? 

Most of you know that I don't ever set new years resolutions. They don't work. I set goals. Then I set up action plans so I can achieve those goals. Some of these goals include running a half marathon and a full marathon, putting on my own live events for my business, and learning to tap dance.

I believe the reason I remain so optimistic about the days ahead, is my commitment to staying grateful. Granted, some days are better than others, and I do NOT practice this perfectly. You don't need to be perfect. Just stay committed.

I want to personally thank each of you for your support in 2011, and extend my support so that you make 2012 your best year ever.

Thanks for reading, and as always I welcome your comments.

Photo Credit:  Premkumar_Sparkcrews

Trusting Our Instincts

Have you ever wrestled with a decision for days or maybe even months? You know that feeling you get somewhere near your midsection that seems to be directing you before you even have to make this decision?

Do you listen to this feeling?  This feeling is the symptom of our instincts speaking to us.

I'm not talking about just thoughts, beliefs, or opinions. These are fleeting and can change rapidly. In fact, our own beliefs and thoughts can often get in our way, because they need to be "reprogrammed" sometimes.

I'm talking about that gut level feeling that is unmistakable. 

As a personal leadership speaker and coach, I strive to help people find their inner voice and their inner power, and use them! I am passionate about empowering others to create their own destiny. I truly believe that when we focus on what we want and why we want it, we can achieve anything. There are specific strategies and mindsets on which I coach people, but there is something I can't teach or coach.

Your instincts. Your gut feelings.

Today, I proved to myself yet again that my first "gut feeling" is almost always correct. No matter how much I want it to be wrong sometimes, my instincts are placed within me by the Universe for a reason. I believe there is something greater than myself "nudging" me in the right direction. It's up to me whether or not I listen.

I don't always listen. Somestimes I don't listen at all, and other times, like today, it takes several months of feeling like I am jamming a square peg in a round hole before finally surrendering to what I knew instinctively was the right decision all along.

I am grateful today that I don't need to be perfect to still be growing. I don't need to "Get it right" all the time. I don't need to beat myself up for not listening to my instincts before. Instead, I can just learn from this experience, focus on the positive, and move forward.

The biggest lesson from today for me? When my gut is speaking. I should pay close attention. I hope you will to.

Thanks for reading. As always, I welcome your comments.

Addiction to Procrastination

Get Busy Living Forever Is Over Too Soon

It's starting early this year. Even earlier than last year, and certainly earlier than when I was younger. No, I'm not talking about the Christmas decorations in the shopping malls, although that seems to happen as soon as we leave our halloween parties.

I'm talking about what I like to call the "After the Holidays" syndrome, which is a symptom of the underlying disease of addiction to procrastination.

I've hosted numerous webinars and workshops about the dangers of waiting to take action until we perceive we have "less going on" in our life.

This year, I met with several prospects, and had discussions with several clients in October, and the first week of November which led to decisions on their part to wait until January to get started on something, whether it be with my services, or with something they wanted to do in their own life or business.

While they didn't actually say they wanted to wait until "after the holidays", most did say they would  "really get started in January" because it was a new year and a fresh start.

My response to that is always the same. I ask, "When do you want the results to appear? Do you want the results in the new year? If the answer is yes, then you must get started on the work and the planning now, so that the fruits of your labor will appear in January. If you wait until January to get started, you will see results in March or April, and well, I suspect then that's cutting it awfully close to summer, which gives you another reason not to take action until "after Labor Day"

Look, I'm very understanding of the fact that sometimes you DO need to wait, and gather more information, save more money, or legitimately just have too much going on right now to add more to your plate. In these cases, it may be prudent to wait, and follow your instincts.

I'm talking about the times when we (myself included sometimes), seem to just default to procrastinating until some predetermined date in the future, when we know full well that when that date comes, we probably won't take action either.

This idea that someday in the future we will somehow have "less going on" in our life is also false. How can we possibly predict that? The only time we can be certain about is now. The fact is that we will always have "stuff" going on. There will always be ups, downs, challenges, setbacks, new opportunities, and projects that start and end.

So, why not just be clear on what we'd like to manifest in our life, and make it happen now, instead of staying in old habits which are preventing us from taking action?

Why are we sometimes addicted to procrastination? I have lots of theories on that, and it's probably a subject for another blog. The biggest reason however is usually fear. It could be a fear that we are going to lose something we have, or not get something we want. Or, fear of failure or even fear of success. 

My challenge to you is this…If you find yourself needing to make a decision, no matter how minor, make it today. If that decision is to wait, because you have a legitimate reason to wait, then fine. I am certainly not going to tell you that you don't know what's best for your family, but whatever you do, take action today on something that is going to advance your personal or professional life.

If you catch yourself putting it off until "after the holidays", ask yourself why. How come you need to wait? Is the reason real? Or is it based in fear? Be hard on yourself when making these evaluations, because I promise you if you break the pattern of procrastination, and end this terrible addiction, you will accomplish far more of your goals, and experience more of what makes you happy.

I welcome your comments. Either write them in below, or if you are reading this in an email feed, CLICK HERE to view this in my blog.

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